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Did you receive a recent email allegedly from email asking you for credit card information? Turns out this is the latest email Phishing attempt cyber criminals are using to obtain financial information from users in the United States. The email is allegedly from Netflix, the well-known streaming service. The email is cloned from an actual Netflix communication, but with the message replaced for the Phishing attempt.

The Phishing email was easily detected by the IS Security team due to a variety of signs that are common to this type of attempt. Take a look at the screenshot below of the Phishing email. The common signs are highlighted, with explanations provided below the screenshot. (use Ctrl + or Ctrl - to adjust zoom as needed for readability).

Netflix Phishing Email

Last month, we posted an article on phishing attacks as part of Cyber Security Awareness Month. We strongly suggest that you read the article and follow the advice to avoid becoming a victim yourself.

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