A District Information Services Computer and Telecommunication Technology Initiatives Newsletter

by: Beverly Heasley

On the eve of a new year, I am excited to share with you one of the most ambitious projects in Information Services that will enhance the way we use ARGOS in the coming year.

Since its initial rollout, the number of reports available in ARGOS has grown from hundreds to thousands. Information Services has sustained the growth of ARGOS as it has matured through the years by adding reports that are responsive to the needs of the colleges, SCE and the District offices. It is now time to prepare for an upgrade and a re-organization of our reports. These improvements will prepare us to make the most optimal use of ARGOS. There are many benefits that users will enjoy in the next version of ARGOS.

Tablet Ready

The new version of ARGOS will provide the ability to run reports from a tablet, providing data at your fingertips in meetings on campus.

Revamped Folder Structure

A large component of the new ARGOS upgrade and redesign is the reorganization of reports. The folder structure will mirror Banner security class access, providing a clearer delineation of report availability for user groups across the District.

Report Identifiers

One of the biggest efforts in the redesign project will be a new naming structure to uniquely identify reports and track changes within the report. Heavy users of ARGOS know that many similarly named reports exist, creating confusion and inconsistency in data reporting. Renaming reports to include this unique report number will help users quickly locate and identify their report among similar reports.

Preparing for the new and improved ARGOS

In preparation for the new version of ARGOS, a listing of migrated reports will be provided to help locate the report with its new identifier. The report will contain the old report name and location as well as the renamed report and location to assist you in navigating through the new version. When the migration report is released, locate the reports that you use and verify that they have been migrated.

If you are using the QuickLaunch feature, you may find the location of the report in the current version by clicking on the QuickLaunch shortcut and then clicking on the “Locate” button on the right.

Argos screen shot

These instructions will be provided again when the migration report is released. More information will be shared as we approach the expected launch period in Spring 2015. 

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