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Welcome the the District-wide Student Email Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)! Below are some of the questions posed to District IS about the new service. This FAQ will change over time to add more questions and update answers, as needed.


When is the official launch date for the District-wide Student Email Service?
The official launch date is August 9, 2018. Students will be able to request and obtain a free email account with a District address (student.nocccd.edu). 

What is required to obtain a student email account?
To obtain a student email account, the user must be an active student at any of our three campuses (Cypress College, Fullerton College, NOCE) and be able to log into myGateway.

Can a student request a username for the email service?
No. The student username is generated automatically and cannot be changed. The format of the username is [first initial][last name]XXXX, where XXXX is a random 4-digit number (Example: jsmith6827).

Will the District use the student email accounts for communication?
Yes. The assigned email address associated with the student account will be the default address used to deliver all District and campus-wide communications, including system/services used by the student. 

We anticipate that by mid-2019, all District and campus-wide communication will change delivery to District email addresses exclusively. Till that change occurs, District and campus-wide communication will continue for students with either a District or personal email address as default.

Can the student continue to use the email service after leaving the District?
Yes, for a limited time. Students who are not active for three (3) semesters will have their service deactivated. An email notification will be sent prior to deactivation encouraging the student to back up any saved content to their personal computer or storage device. This policy also applies to all graduates.

What is the storage limit for the student email account?
The email storage limit is currently set at 50GB.

Can the student access their email account through Microsoft's Office site?
No. The student must log into myGateway first and access through the link provided on the Student page.

Can the student download and install the available Office applications for PC/Mac desktop or mobile devices?
Not at this time. The Office applications will initially be available online, with support for desktop/mobile device installation sometime during the Fall 2018 term.

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