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The following information will show how to request a student email address (student.nocccd.edu) and access the newly created account for use.

Log into myGateway and click the Student link in the navigation menu on the left side of the page.


Scroll the Student page till you see the Student Email section.


After reading the details of the student email account, click the Request Student Email button to start the process. The following message will appear with further information on the email account creation:


At this point, you can either leave and return in an hour or reload the page periodically to check on the progress. Once the email account has been created, the following message will display:


The format of the email address will be [first initial][last name]XXXX@student.nocccd.edu where XXXX is a random 4-digit number (Example: jsmith2705). 

To view the email account, click anywhere on this message to load Office 365 Outlook.

NOTE: A student can request and receive one (1) email account. Multiple accounts are not permitted.



Please be aware of the following service limitations on launch day:

  • Student email service is only accessible through myGateway and not directly from the Office 365 site
  • All available Office 365 applications in the account can only be accessed through the web browser after successfully logging into myGateway
  • Access and usage from installed Office 365 applications to the desktop and/or mobile devices are not currently supported

Information Services will make an announcement at a later date when the above limitations are resolved.

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