A District Information Services Computer and Telecommunication Technology Initiatives Newsletter

A number of Banner 9 pages are experiencing usability issues while working with the sort function. Below are the pages affected, along with a detailed description of each issue and a temporary workaround, if any.


Issue #1
SFASLST and SFAALST sorted results cause the cursor to jump and grades moved to an incorrect record.
Workaround: None

Issue #2
Selecting a record after sorting any column in SHATAEQ will cause the wrong record to be selected/highlighted.
Workaround: Use the keyboard arrows to scroll through the records and select after a column sort.

Issue #3
Unable to select a specific transcript order in SHAETOR after a column sort is performed.
Workaround: Click the Start Over button and return to the page. The specific order will then be accessible.

Issue #4
Fields in STVMAJR are not working properly (check box or text entry) after a column sort is performed. STVMAJR appears to work properly on when performing an ascending sort in the Major Code column.
Workaround: None, aside from the above ascending sort.

Issue #5
Cursor control issues in Award Schedule tab in RPAAWRD after a sort is performed.
Workaround: Use the arrows on the keyboard to navigate after sorting in the Award Schedule tab.

Issue #6
Navigation and page control issues in GUACONF after a sort is performed in the Configuration tab.
Workaround: Press F8 after every column sort

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