A District Information Services Computer and Telecommunication Technology Initiatives Newsletter

Information Services will be moving the Banner database server during the year-end maintenance period. Below is an FAQ that will provide additional details, as well as possibly answer other questions you may have about the Banner server move.

Note: This move is not directly related to Banner 9, as that will be addressed in a separate FAQ and email.


What is happening?
All systems from Information Services are going offline during the Winter Break (12/21-1/1) in order to move the Banner database to newer, faster hardware.

Does the Banner server move affect access to Canvas?
Yes, Canvas will be inaccessible. Our single sign-on (SSO) system uses the Banner database as a source to authenticate user/role information for Canvas and cannot function with it offline.

Why is the Banner move happening?
Our Banner database servers is on hardware that cannot adequately keep up with peak user and data demand occurring during the first days of each new semester.

What are the benefits of moving Banner to new hardware?
The new hardware possesses CPU and memory resources optimized to handle the increased demand more efficiently than the current server hardware. In addition to the new hardware, the Banner server will also be installed in a virtual machine (VM) environment. The VM environment will allow us to allocate resources (CPU or memory resources) easily in response to peak demand.

This sounds complex! Can you share more details on planning the move?
We are moving to a new Banner database software version, changing operating systems, and splitting the database and job processing into separate virtual machines. With this many moving parts, we spent the last month moving our non-production systems to work out as many details and potential problems in that environment first.

How long will systems be offline?
We are taking the systems offline on December 21, 2018 at 5pm. The systems will be back online before the District opens for business on January 2, 2019.

What happens if we run into any technical issues after the systems are brought back online?
We are here to help! Please report any technical issues to ishelpdesk@nocccd.edu. Please include a screenshot of any error messages and a detailed set of steps so we can troubleshoot and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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