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Last updated: 3/18/19

What is Banner 9?
Banner 9 is a major upgrade to the Banner system. The most visual difference is that Banner 9 will exist in your web browser and no longer in the outdated INB forms. It is also important to note that Banner 8 and Banner 9 are systems that access the same Banner database for viewing and changing data. Changes made in one version are immediately reflected in the other.

When will Banner 9 be fully operational?
We are targeting January for a cutover to Banner 9 Finance, Accounts Receivable, General, HR, and Payroll. Student is scheduled for a cutover in February.

Why are we switching to Banner 9?
Ellucian, the developer of Banner, ended full support and regulatory updates to Banner 8 on December 31, 2018. The end date gives us through the month of February to complete the cutover to Banner 9.

Do I need a new computer system or Windows to work with Banner 9?
If you can browse web sites satisfactorily, then a new computer should not be necessary. Some Banner 9 screens may work better if you use a widescreen monitor. Please consult with your campus help desk team if you are not certain.

How do I access Banner 9?
Banner 9 is accessible through the myGateway portal. Log into myGateway and click on the Banner 9 Info link in the navigation menu on the left side. The next screen displayed will show a lot of Banner 9 status information. The links to enter Banner 9 is near the bottom of each column. Read the next question to determine which Banner 9 version you will use to familiarize yourself with the updated system. You will see a completely new look, but will still feel familiar.

Which Banner 9 version do I use for testing?

If you use primarily Banner 9 student screens (screen name starts with “S”), then use the PPRD Banner 9 Admin Pages link. If you mainly use another Banner module (Finance, HR, Payroll, Financial Aid, Accounts Receivable), use TEST Banner 9 Admin Pages link.

How can I get Banner 9 training?
Banner 9 training will be held several times over the next two months at your campus. The training is on a walk-in basis, no appointment is needed. Your manager will have the training dates and times available. Please discuss with your manager to determine an appropriate date and time to attend Banner 9 training. The Banner 9 training will familiarize you with the new interface, navigation, keyboard shortcuts, and a few other basic features. The training should between 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

Is there a Banner 9 Navigation Guide available?
Yes, each staff member attending the Banner 9 training session will receive a printed copy of the navigation guide and shortcut sheet. Electronic copies are also available on the District web site under Information Services. Here are the links to both:

Will I have to redo my work in Banner 9 if it already exists in Banner 8?
No. Banner 8 and Banner 9 are systems that point to the same Banner database, so will see the exact same data. Any change is data performed on one system will reflect immediately in the other. Think of two windows side-by-side in a house, where both lets you see the same view inside. One of the windows is newer (Banner 9) than the other (Banner 8), but they both still see the same view inside at the same time, along with any changes made.

Why is Student testing using Banner 9 PPRD and not Test?
Because Ellucian is redeveloping California Baseline (CALB) code and incorporating it into Banner. The Student module in particular has changes that requires moving from Banner 8 to Banner 9 immediately. Other California community colleges already using Banner 9 are working through technical issues with the programming code that involves fixes installed in November, December, and shortly in January. With this in mind, we are delaying the release of Student until February to put all code fixes in place at one time for testing and going live before Ellucian sends out any regulatory updates after January 1 which is only supported on Banner 9.

Why do I get signed out of Banner 9? 
Banner 9 uses the same single sign on (SSO) system as myGateway for authentication. When an application such as myGateway times out (exceeds the user inactivity time limit), SSO will log out the user in myGateway and all other applications that use SSO. To prevent this from happening to you, we suggest one of two options: a) if myGateway is not needed, simply close the tab in your browser or b) if you need to use both myGateway and Banner 9 at the same time, open each in a different browsers, one in Chrome and the other in Firefox. 

Can I have multiple Banner 9 windows open? 
Yes, you can have multiple instances of Banner open at the same time, either on a single monitor or across multiple monitors. Some users testing Banner 9 reported no problems when opening multiple windows and working in both. However, shared data between two windows works differently. If you enter data in Banner 9 on one window and save, you may need to manually reload the page in order to see the updated shared data in the other window.

Can I use Banner 8 and Banner 9 at the same time to make sure Banner 9 is working as expected? 
Yes, it's possible to use Banner 8 and Banner 9 at the same time (till Banner 8 becomes unsupported, that is). For example, if you are testing in Banner TEST, you can update the records in a Banner 9 TEST screen, then open a report or form in Banner 8 TEST to validate that the information looks like it should. Note: Make sure to click the "X" icon at the top left corner to close out a form before opening in another Banner session to ensure that your first session isn't blocking your other session (or other users) from accessing that updated record.

I am getting a account expired status message when trying to start a job submission. What can I do? newicon.jpg
You will need to perform a Banner database password change by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to the GUAPSWD page in Banner 9

Step 2: Enter your current Banner password in the Oracle password field.

Step 3: Enter a new password in the New Oracle Password field using at least one of each type of allowable character (upper case, lower case, and numerals only). Re-enter the new password in the Verify Password field.

Step 4: Click the Save button to confirm the change.

Note: For Schedule Helper users, you will need to use this new password in order to access that system. For all other users, it is not necessary to remember to password, as it is tied to your myGateway login.

How can I get more information about a certain Banner screen/page? 
To get more information on a specific Banner 9 page/screen, click on the ? icon located in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen to load the Banner Online Help page. For additional information, consult the User Guide or Handbook for your Banner module. You can also visit Ellucian eCommunities to find answers or ask your questions to the larger community of Banner users.

Where can I find more tips and tricks to help me use Banner 9 more effectively? newicon.jpg
We're glad you asked! Check out our new Banner 9 Tips and Tricks page here.

I misplaced the Banner 9 Navigation Guide and Keyboard Shortcuts sheet. Where can I download them? 
Below are the direct links to download both the Banner 9 Navigation Guide and Keyboard Shortcuts.
Navigation Guide: https://www.nocccd.edu/files/banner-9-nav-guide-1218_21074.pdf
Keyboard Shortcuts: https://www.nocccd.edu/files/banner-9-kbd-shortcuts_14061.pdf

Where can I send any feedback or technical issues I encounter while learning Banner 9? 
You can send feedback and Banner 9 technical issues to our Help Desk (ishelpdesk@nocccd.edu).

If you are reporting a technical issue, please follow these steps: 

Step 1: Since Banner 9 is web-based, it is often helpful to clear the browser cache/cookies and try again. Here are links to show you how to do that: ChromeFirefox

Step 2: If your technical issue persists after clearing your browser cache/cookies, email our Help Desk for further assistance. Include the screen name where the issue occurs, problem description, results displayed versus what you expected to see,and a detailed set of steps. Please include a screenshot of any error message displayed. 

The information you provide will help us troubleshoot and resolve the issue in a timely manner.

How can I learn more about using Banner more effectively?
Join Ellucian’s eCommunities, where you can network with colleagues from other institutions and ask/answer questions. You can sign up for an account here.

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